JMJ offers Real Solutions for:


Internal Reorganizations


Small Business

Cashflow Improvements

Capital Management


Physical Plant Expansions


Asset Liquidations

Family Business Issues

In these difficult times, it helps to have an outside view of the inside of your business with Real Solutions from JMJ.


JMJ prescribes to continuous innovation and process improvement through hands on implementation and change management in all of our projects.  We set out to provide higher quality products and processes for your business that deliver results at the bottom line.

JMJ is proficient at conducting needs analyses, determining project specifics, and conducting gap analyses, but the real value of our approach is the hands on Implementation of Real Solutions.  We recognize that lengthy reports and plans have their place in maintaining focus and determining direction, but JMJ is here to address critical business processes that threaten your company’s profitability and existence.

Many small business and family business owners are the best at what they do, produce the best products, and provide the best services, but their business management and accounting processes restrict the growth and prosperity of the organization.  This can lead to frustration and misdirection among employees at all levels.  The experienced professionals at JMJ can improve these processes, implement Real Solutions, lift the burdens of business management, and allow you to focus on production and customer satisfaction.

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