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JMJ has a history of project timeliness, performing quality work and meeting project budgets and schedules.

JMJ has ascertained a long history of project management and control, including implementation and scheduling through it’s experienced associates. JMJ encourages contact with its established client base and references to verify that JMJ’s associates have always maintained a professional commitment to project timeliness including prompt return of calls and emails, fully completing all contractual obligations, adhering to established schedules and providing continued assistance, even after final payments are made, should their project warrant such support.

Completing Work Within Budget

JMJ associates maintain the philosophy that quality work in the enhancement of a site’s natural resources rather than quantity of engineered structures constructed always leads to better projects and to projects which compliment the client’s expectations and budget. This philosophy works on the bases that clear, understandable, detailed plans and specifications must be prepared. It is JMJ’s conviction, that every project receive this high degree of professional attention. Precise, particular attention to proper design and cost estimating, to the measurement of payment items in contract documents has proven very successful at meeting budgets which are often inflexible. JMJ’s adherence to this conviction significantly avoids construction contractor disputes.

JMJ’s involvement with major project developments (multi millions of investment dollars both public and private) has provided a special appreciation for proper cost estimating and budget control. Today’s atmosphere of environmental protection, the rights and safety of the public, and the sanctity and security of all things are highly complex, very unpredictable and often difficult to define.

JMJ’s experience in dealing to the resolve of these complicated issues significantly enhances its concern and dedication to develop sound engineering documents, for proper construction administration and observation. This awareness provides JMJ the ability to achieve the project purposes and meet the project schedule and budget.

JMJ has found that proper quantity and cost estimates enable the projection of schedules that can be met without significant delays. Many projects are often controlled by rigorous schedules set by demand of the client, economic conditions, and the weather. JMJ is adept at establishing and meeting schedules.

JMJ offers Real Solutions for:

Scaffolding & Shoring

  1. Pre-Construction Services

  2. Design Solutions

  3. Engineering

  4. Expert Witness

  5. Testimony

  6. Safety Inspection


  1. Concrete

  2. Custom Brickwork

  3. Demolition

  4. Masonry

  5. Historic Renovation

  6. Structural Repair

Pre-Construction Services

  1. Estimating

  2. Owner Representation

  3. Design Solutions