AtJMJ, we leverage over 50 years of combined construction and real estate experience to provide engineering expertise to land development, transportation, water resources and more.

Jacksonville Engineer


We are capable of accessing, reviewing, and producing final drawings in standard industry format. Our experience includes the engineering and design of streets, drainage, water distribution, sanitary collection, and site development. We offer design  solutions for concrete, sawing and drilling, custom brickwork, demolition, masonry, historic renovation, structural repair, scaffolding and shoring.

We are licensed to conduct NPDES inspections for stormwater compliance. We conduct thorough inspections, maintain records and complete and issue any needed reports.


We have completed Feasibility Studies, prepared Tree Preservation Plans, Grading and Erosion Control Plans, NPDES NOIs and SWPPPs, and Drainage Studies and Reports.

We provide functional drainage designs, studies, and reports for improvements within restricted basins, flood ways and floodplains. Site specific drainage improvements have included large commercial and residential subdivisions and planning areas that encompass 500 acres.


We work with property owners to engineer solutions that bring value to recreational properties. We create waterways for migratory waterfowl, design roadways that are in context with the rural landscape and develop long range plans for conservation minded landowners. Our projects meet all conservation guidelines and are sensitive to the site’s natural resources.

Ashley Call Center Thomasville Georgia

A GLANCE at a JMJ Engineering Project:
Ashley Homestore Support Center 
Thomasville, Georgia

JMJ had the privilege of engineering and planning an 8-acre commercial campus to site an 11,000 sq.ft. office, 3,750 sq.ft. retail building, indoor/outdoor spaces, and a three bedroom apartment. The development includes two residential outparcels and two commercial outparcels. Highlights include rehabilitation of an abandoned pond into an attractive and functioning stormwater pond, use of alternative parking materials, and a building forward design that brings an attractive façade to a major thoroughfare. JMJ coordinated portions of the project with the City of Thomasville’s master plan for a walk/bike trail, allowing the trail to be extended through the property.





• Subdivisions

• Site & Facility Design

• Grading

• Transportation Engineering

• Water Quality, Hydrology, & Hydraulics

• Electric & Communication Service Cooridnation

• NPDES | Erosion, Sedimentation, & Pollution Control (ES & PC) Plans

• Sustainable Development

• Tree Mitigation

• Permitting

• Roadway Design, Widening, & Realignment

• Streetscape Design

• Right-of-Way Aquisition

• Water Distribution Design & Rehabilitation

• Waste Water Collection Design & Rehabilitation

• Land Application System Design

• Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plan Preparation

• Erosion, Sedimentation & Pollution Control Plans (ESPCP)

• Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

• Stormwater Quality Design

• Flood Control & Stormwater Management Design & Rehabilitation


Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Qualifications

• Group 3: Highway Design – Roadway
           3.1: Minor Highway Design

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Qualifications

• Group 3: Highway Design – Roadway
      3.01: Two-Lane Multi-Lane Rural Generally Free Access Highway Design
      3.13: Facilities for Bicycles and Pedestrians

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